This forum aims to create a space for First Nation communities within the Lesser Slave Lake Region and Alberta to post questions about research issues or the TARR program and archives. While we encourage community members to help answer question and provide input where applicable, we would like to remind all participants to be respectful of the purpose and intention of the forum. Please note that all questions are approved prior to posting in the forum.

If you do not see a question theme that addresses your question, please email the Research Manager at

Research Help

If you have a particular research question your community needs help with, please post your question here and we will try to post an answer.
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Questions about our Archives Collection

Have a question about our archival collection? Please post it here to help build our Frequently Asked Questions page!
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Is this a Claim?

Often times it is difficult to determine whether a particular grievance qualifies as a Specific Claim. If you have a grievance you would like input on or need help brainstorming ideas and/or options for a particular issue, please post it here for more input.
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Local Historical Records

Need to know about other resources in the area? Post your query here as there is a strong possibility the TARR program has worked with the local institution before.
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Local & Regional Community Events

If you have a community event you would like to advertise, please feel free to post it here.
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Trends in Specific Claims

If you or your community is interested in the current climate and status of the Specific Claims in Canada or have questions about Specific Claims in general, please post them here.
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