Research Services

The LSLIRC-TARR program has employed Havlik Consulting Group to conduct both the Program’s specific claims research and to administer the program since 1999. The TARR program applies for funding each year through the Native Claims Contribution Program of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada to enable its work.

Each fiscal year the Specific Claims research work plan is developed and collectively approved by the clients of the TARR program. The work plan is based on the individual priorities of each of the client First Nations within the limits of what is feasible given the program’s funding allocation for that year.

Research Services

The TARR program provides the following services to its client Nations:

  • Archival research
  • Claims feasibility reports
  • Minimum Standard compliance
  • Full Specific Claims preparation
  • Genealogical research in support of Specific Claims research
  • Collection of Oral History in support of Specific Claims research
  • Storage, preservation and management of historical records, oral history and historical photographs

For more information on obtaining research services from the TARR program, or if you would like information on to become a TARR client, please contact Morgan Chapman at or at 604.966.4264.