Reproduction Services

The Archives offers reproduction services to the public and its Specific Claims Researchers.

Adhering to the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act, the Archives will provide single copies of records for the purposes of research, private study, education, criticism, reporting and review.

For any other purposes outside of exemptions set by the provisions of Fear Dealing, please contact the Archives as authorization from the copyright owners of the work may be required.

If reproduction services are requested, please note that:

  1. Reproductions will only be made if the process does not damage the physical integrity of the record. Any record in a fragile state will not be reproduced.
  2. Reproductions will not be made that violates the Copyright Act, or the access policies set by the LSLIRC-TARR Program.
  3. No resources will be loaned for reproduction outside of the Archives.
  4. Payment must be received first by the Archives before Reproduction Services can commence.

The following is the current reproduction service fees followed by the Archives. Please note reproduction fees may change without notice.

Paper copies of textual records $0.25/page
Digital copies of textual records Digital copies of textual records are free if the requested records fall under the scope of the Long Term Paper-to-Digital Access Project. Please contact the Archivist for further information.
Physical copies of photographs Please contact the Archivist for details.
Digital copies of photographs $2.00/image
Sound recordings $5/CD or DVD Includes disc and administrative fees


If any records are to be mailed or couriered, additional postage fees will be required.